Technical Information

We have partnered with various SSL Certificate suppliers for processing orders and issuing SSL Certificates. The following technical information will explain the process involved. Please Contact Us if you require any additional information.

Resellers Technical information

The Ordering & Fulfillment Process

Firstly our system will collect all of the relevant order information and then send it to our SSL Certificate suppliers for immediate processing. The ordering procedure is shown below :

Process 1 - Data Collection

The reseller will visit a special section of our website (or use our API) to enter all relevant information related to the product being ordered. As the information is being entered it will be validated in real time.

Process 2 - Order Processing

Once all data has been collected it will be sent to our SSL Certificate suppliers for immediate processing. Several e-mails will be automatically generated and sent to the relevant contacts, as shown below :

1. The Administrative Contact will receive an Order Confirmation from our system. This e-mail will be branded with the reseller details and will not contain any Trustico® branded information.

2. The Approver E-Mail (if applicable) will be sent to the Approver E-Mail Contact.

3. The Fulfillment E-Mail will be sent to the Administrative Contact and Approver E-Mail Contact.

* The Approver E-Mail and Fulfillment E-Mail are "generic" and sent from a private (non public) domain name. The e-mails will not contain any links back to our retail website. If a customer replies to an e-mail that we send, we will forward that e-mail to the reseller account representative or bounce it back to the sender.

Process 3 - Order Cancellation

Once an order has been submitted for processing it must be completed within 7 days. If the order is not completed it may be canceled resulting in funds being returned to the reseller account.

In the event an order is canceled by our SSL Certificate suppliers we will credit the reseller account as soon as possible, this is a manual process.

Fraud & Order Queuing

On rare occasions an order may be queued due to the likelihood of fraud. The order will be manually reviewed by Trustico® and/or our SSL Certificate suppliers before issuance. An indication that the order is queued will be shown to the Administrative Contact and Approver E-Mail contact during the ordering process.

Manually Vetted Products

If an order can not be automatically approved it may be manually vetted by our SSL Certificate suppliers. Our SSL Certificate suppliers may attempt to contact the customer to obtain the relevant documentation required to issue the SSL Certificate. Where possible we advise our suppliers to contact the reseller directly.