Trustico® Banking Details

Wire & Domestic Direct Deposit

If you would prefer to pay for your order by wire transfer or direct deposit you may submit your order and then make payment using banking information on this page.

Our bank accounts are denominated in multiple currencies and are located within the United Kingdom and Australia.

Direct Deposit Information - International Payments

Once you have made your payment you should Contact Us to advise as your order will be processed manually upon verification of the payment being deposited to our bank account.

Please use your Trustico® order number or business name as a payment reference to ensure our accounts team can locate your order and assign your payment correctly.

It is important to ensure to funds are deposited to the correct bank account. Deposited funds must arrive in our bank account without any currency conversions to avoid additional fees and charges. Our bank account name is Trustico® Online Limited.

If you require any assistance with completing your payment please Contact Us for further advice.

Currency BIC IBAN Sort Code Account
British Pounds GBMIDL2142AR GB41MIDL40063082533340 40-06-30 82533340
Canadian Dollars HBUKGB4B GB84HBUK40127671187390 40-12-76 71187390
Singapore Dollars HBUKGB4B GB79HBUK40127671187189 40-12-76 71187189
Swiss Francs HBUKGB4B GB10HBUK40127671187170 40-12-76 71187170
New Zealand Dollars HBUKGB4B GB32HBUK40127671187162 40-12-76 71187162
Hong Kong Dollars HBUKGB4B GB67HBUK40127671173728 40-12-76 71173728
United States Dollars HBUKGB4B GB67HBUK40127671130078 40-12-76 71130078
Australian Dollars HBUKGB4B GB44HBUK40127671120113 40-12-76 71120113
European Euros HBUKGB4B GB66HBUK40127671120105 40-12-76 71120105

Trustico® may at its discretion not accept a payment (or charge a fee) where the sender specifies that Trustico® is responsible for wire or telegraphic transfer fees. Wire and telegraphic transfer fees are the responsibility of the sender.

Customers Located Within Australia

Customers who have ordered via our Australian website and have an invoice denominated in Australian Dollars are welcome to direct deposit to our Australian bank account. Our bank account name is Trustico® Online Limited.

Currency Bank BSB Account Number Branch
Australian Dollars Westpac Banking Corporation 034-215 707658 Southport, QLD 4215

Funds generally arrive within our Australian bank account the following business day when transmitted within the sending timeframes of the bank transmitting the funds. Please provide your order number or business name to allow us to identify your direct deposit.